back from the salon

I am reinspired in my journey to go natural.  My new beautician worked my hair so well, I am relaxer straight.  She used a hot comb and coconut oil to straighten my hair.  I’m not a hot comb fan, but she didn’t use a lot of heat. 

Best of all, with my latest trim, I’m 99.9% relaxer free!  I still have a few strands in the front, but I didn’t want to lose the length.  My cut is pretty cute and looks something like a bob, with a flip this go around in the back.  It just covers my ears in the front.  My usual cut is a bob with more length in the front, but at least now with this cut, I can just focus on growing my hair.  If the press I got tonight lasts, I might stop doing my hair for awhile and just let the beautician do it and focus on keeping heat off of my hair more than once every two weeks. 

I love the cut.  I am going to definitely work out some edge looks when I finally get my hands on some Tigi Bedhead Wax.  Which I see is on sale, so I’ll be placing my order today.  I am strongly leaning towards visiting the salon every two weeks instead of doing it myself through Christmas.  It looks so good I don’t want to mess it up!

With this wash, I had a really cute , nice sized afro (when blowdried out).  I am now very curious about how I might style it as a natural.  I’ve finally reached that point!  I am definitely amazed at how delicate my hair is.  It’s such a frail little fro!  I’m amazed it was able to handle a relaxer all these years.  I definitely see a lot of interesting possibilities.  With some length, I’ll have lots of style options (even now I do).  I can see wearing my hair pulled back with no major heat – just blowdrying and product; maybe some nice curls with product; and even more options with set curls.  Exciting!

During my hair visit, my beautician used an interesting technique.  She blowdried my hair on a warm heat with a comb attachment.  She then had me sit under the hood dry to dry my scalp.  I was surprised to find no coils or spiral curls forming like when I blowdry my hair with no attachment.  She then pressed my hair, cut it and styled it.

I’m so amazed that I did it.  Six months in and I’m natural!  Just imagine, in six more months (fulfilling my goal of giving this journey 1 year – I will have a lot of good length and my finally be able to style my hair in a way that I find comfortable for wearing it full out natural).  Yay!

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