remember this?

nine west hobo handbag

I was so excited to finally find a black bag that fit my style only to come crashing down three days later. My good friend C. got the same bag for her birthday and kept it! Now the two of us are wandering around town look like stupid twins. Argh. I hate being somebody’s twin! I don’t mind if it’s by accident or at work, but when I’m trying to flaunt my style, it sucks with a capital ‘s’!

So now I’m stuck. I paid for the bag, so I’m damn sure going to carry it. I just think she should’ve traded it in. She knew I had the bag when she opened the gift AND they gave her a gift receipt and told her to feel free to trade it. But no, she is walking around with it making us both look dumb.


There is nothing worse than somebody biting your steez. Imitation is a form of flattery, but straight jackin’ is just wrong.

What would you do?

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