changing the game

I spoke with my endocrinologist’s office about diet and nutrition and she said I as doing all the right things.  She suggested I eat more protein and less or very limited carbs.  She said I may not tolerate carbs well.  She also suggested that I look for ways to eat less (more of a comment on how I should pay attention to portion size, not starve myself).

 So I’m going to work on my meal plans to eat primarily protein and vegetables at most meals.  Some changes I can think of off hand is not eating oatmeal for breakfast any more and maybe creating smoothies with cottage cheese (protein).  I will also eliminate granola and focus more on fruit.

 I’ll have to look up some high protein diet plans this week.  As I told my doctor, at least I have some good basics in place.  Now it’s finding the exact recipe that works for me.

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