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I had the most amazing weekend!

Thanksgiving was spent with C.’s family.  I was tempted to just stay at home and have a lazy day, solo Thanksgiving, but I decided to take C. up on an invitation to spend it with her family and I’m so glad I did.  They were so great.  I love them!  At one point all the aunts and sisters were crowded around the t.v. and C.’s Mom was leaning on me in that comfy stuffed stupor and she said, oh, look at me leaning all on you, lol.  It was great.  If you can’t be at home with your family, at least you can be with people who treat you like family.

The next few days were spent being lazy, but I did manage to get caught up on my housework.  I didn’t get everything done, but I did get the big things addressed.  I’ve had a few weeks of laziness related to housework and it was time to get things back on track.

Last night I decided to reach out to R. and I’m glad I did.  He was a guy I met last summer and while it didn’t work out, we seemed to have a good friendship connection. 

This is what I wrote about him after we met. “Last weekend I met my soulmate.  Lol, yes I know that’s a reach and that soulmates probably don’t exist, but if they did, he’d be a good candidate.  Tall, handsome, a gentleman, smart, and chemistry out of this world.”

Lol, I don’t plan on getting caught up in him relationship-wise, but I do plan on enjoying every drop of him as a friend.  He’s kept in touch, but I never did more than the bare minimum.  I decided to open that door again and I have to say it has already been worth it.  We met for wine and conversation and it reminded me that I’ve got to become more selfish in my life.  R. is a great guy.  While the relationship side didn’t work out because of timing, I still need someone like him in my life…and he wants to be in my life…an all around good fit that we should allow to happen regardless of who else we might have in our lives.  We have a friendship and that’s hard to find with someone of the opposite sex the older you get.

fb2 has been M.I.A.  Some woman has been posting on his page in that way women do when they are in your life.  It may be my imagination, but I know women.  We don’t post smiley faces on a man’s page unless he is making us smile.  Ya know?  I’ve decided not to visit him next month.  I guess he’ll find out if he says boo to me.  I’ll let him come to see me if we are going to be anything.  For now, I’m not enthused.  I’ll wait until I am again to put any more energy into it.

So, the weekend ends with me fully relaxed, still single, reconnected to a great guy who is fantastic, and focused on preparing for Christmas.

Happy Holidays!

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2 Comments on “simply amazing”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Yay! Glad you had a nice long weekend!! 🙂

  2. TwentyTwo Says:

    Thanks Jessica! I hope you did too.

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