fb2 is a moron

I’m not sure in whose world you would have someone buy a plane ticket then not call, email, or text them after.

fb2 has been pretty much ghost since his visit.  He pops in here and there with some stupid joke, but generally speaking he has been completely M.I.A. and unresponsive when I ask for a return call because my gut says I need some clarification.

So today I cancel my plane ticket for my visit THIS FRIDAY and he decides to call.  Why call me back now?  There are 24 hours in the day and you chose this one to get back to me?

I’m 35 years old and this ain’t my first rodeo.  If a woman repeatedly asks you to call and you don’t, something is up.  If you know a woman is planning on visiting you and you don’t say shit to her until 48 hours before the trip, something is up.  If when you do respond, you say you might not be able to take off, with no assurances that you still want her to visit, something is up!  If you have time to email bullshit to your friends and post on your Face.book page, it’s time for me to KNOW something is up.

Don’t call my work phone…not my cell phone…talking about I need to talk to you.  No, what you need to do is leave me alone.  What you NEED to do is send me $150 to change my flight to visit someone who wants to see me and isn’t full of it!

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3 Comments on “fb2 is a moron”

  1. Thkchk Says:

    Someone may have already mentioned it or you’ve said it yourself–Maya’s quote of “When someone shows you who they are believe them”.

    Now it does seem “odd” that someone who hasn’t been communicating for awhile decided a couple of days before your visit to contact you.

    IMO you have clarification. It is clear (to me) that
    he isn’t as grounded as he needs to be. Maybe he was on another page in the relationship.

    Miscommunication or lack of communication as this appears doesn’t provide for a strong foundation.

    Our emotions aren’t like a water faucet that can be easily turned on and off. What you’re experiencing is as frustrating as it comes. That being said chalk it up as one of life’s trails. The good thing is you can always take another path. While you’re walking along towards the next destination drop the bag from the last one. This will allow you travel light and have room for the blessings yet to be received. It also doesn’t give power to someone else over your state of being.

    If nothing else, Let go and let God.

  2. TwentyTwo Says:

    Thank you for such a thoughtful answer.

    I know something is going on with him. He’s said as much, but the issues he has given aren’t good enough in my opinion.

    I have indeed closed the chapter on this one. I have no hard feelings. I recognize that he and I are in two different places – I am settled, he is not.

    The break has allowed me to see that while he is a good guy, he doesn’t excite me in the ways I’d like to have in a partner. I have just been appreciating his generally nice character and ‘qualifications’.

    I feel like God allowed the break to allow me to assess. It would be nice to think He allowed me to have R. back too, but that’s just a little too sinful to blame on God, lol.

    I’m definitely moving forward. I’m just frustrated that I am once again, as always, single.

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