I was re-reading my post about the new guy (we’ll have to see if he’s around long enough for a nickname) and I had to laugh when I saw I’d written he was ‘cute and tall, just my type’.  Ha ha. 

I have more than that to fully identify my type, but tall seems to be what I attract.  It’s funny that the shortest guy I’ve dated was 5’10” (fb2) and he was the anomaly.  Every other guy has been 6’5″ or 6’6″ – and I don’t mean one or two.  I think the last four guys that have been interested in me have all been that tall.  They are delicious, lol.

Granted I’m 5’7″ on my own, and usually 5’9″ – 6’0″ in my heels and wedges (which I love wearing, because I love being extra tall!).  I always say I must be cute from up there, lol.  Anyhoo, just a passing thought.  I do require more than tall and cute…although that’s a great start!

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