how long before the first kiss?

Just a thought passing through my mind – How long do you typically go before your first kiss with your new beau?

Jay and I kissed after our fourth date.  He’s very big on us establishing a friendship.  I felt like I wanted to know if we had any chemistry.  Plus the first kiss thing was killing him, lol.  He was so nervous.  He’s friends with one of my friends and he kept saying he didn’t want to do anything to offend me and thereby offend her, lol. 

So dates 1 and 2 passed.   I was sick so I wasn’t expecting anything.  By date 3, I was thinking, hmmm, he’s taking me out, paying for everything, calling and texting, and is very into me from my assessment and by our  mutual friend’s assessment, but no kiss.  It was a lunch date, so I didn’t think much of it, but it was starting to cross my mind that hmmm, he hasn’t  ‘pushed up on me’, lol.  I like having a man get in my space at some point.

Before date 4, we’d had enough conversation that I knew it was just a matter of  getting the ok.  On date 4, I pointed to my cheek and he kissed me, and I kissed his cheek.  While hugging goodbye at the end of the night, he kissed me. 🙂

In discussion with others, some of my girls say they would’ve kissed him first, but that isn’t my thing.  I say if a man isn’t man enough to kiss me, he isn’t man enough to be my man, lol.  I am however, willing to help things along by granting the ok sign.  Jay did good, lol.  He got this sign and took it from there.

Date #5 was so nice.  We went bowling and later chilled at a local coffee house.  There were lots of good kisses in between. 🙂  I am in my own ‘waiting for the signs’ realm too.  I am easing into the belief that he really is as into me as he seems and that he isn’t going anywhere soon.  I am just not used to this kind of enthusiasm when it isn’t motivated by se.x.  He just seems to really be attracted to me (why I don’t know, with my 225 lbs – ugh!) and is working extremely hard to take good care of me.

Heaven help me if he changes because I could definitely get used to a tall, dark, sexy man who opens doors, takes care of every little detail when out, does what he says when he says it, and isn’t afraid to tell me that he likes me and really enjoys my company.

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2 Comments on “how long before the first kiss?”

  1. Mar Says:

    Don’t be so hard on yourself girl, he does not see you as you see yourself, he sees a beautiful girl that he enjoys being with. Relax and enjoy the moments:)

  2. TwentyTwo Says:

    I sure will! 🙂 It’s funny how we can never see the window through which others see us. If only we could!

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