date #6 was amazing

*sigh*  A girl can only take so much!  My system can’t handle all this goodness. 

Tonight we met for one thing, but ended up wandering around town.  We started out looking for a puzzle, lol, one day I’ll have to post about ‘the list’.  After searching two stores, we came to the conclusion that good, old fashioned puzzlemaking is a lost art.  We headed off to dinner and ended up at a table in front of a great fireplace.  How perfect on one of the coldest days ever!  Nothing is more romantic than having dinner with a man in front of a fireplace.

We sat and ate and laughed and talked for ever.  Then we sat in the car and laughed and talked forever.  I am overwhelmed with happy happy joy, lol.

Girls, I can’t take!  Sunday we are doing the stay at home thing.  We’ve been going out, dating, getting to know each other and it’s time for some alone time to chill.  I’m looking forward to it.

It seems he has something in mind for Valentine’s Day.  Men are so transparent sometimes, lol.  I just can’t comprehend finding a guy who is so good to me and so perfect for me.  I am balancing excitement with good healthy skepticism, but I can’t deny how good it is.  If it gets any better I might pop!  Thank goodness I know how to take my time.  This kind of treatment could make a girl forget herself, lol.

Yes, date# 6 was amazing.  Date #7 is on Sunday.  Then a week of no contact while I’m in Mexico.  I think I’ll be able to use my phone, but he and I both are cool with having some breathing room…it’ll be nice to think and have space to see what’s real.

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