valentine’s day ideas

Since Jay is convinced we’ll be together in June, lol, I am going to allow myself to do a little thinking on Valentine’s Day.

I get the sense that he’s not going anywhere, but men are so unpredictable.  By Valentine’s Day, we’ll be 2 months in.  Not much time, but time nonetheless. 

So any ideas to show a good man how much you appreciate him on Valentine’s Day?

I know I want to get him something small as a special gift.  I get the sense we are going out for a dressed up dinner.  We’ve been talking for awhile about going some place that gets us out of our jeans.  I’d love to have a gift to give him over dinner.  He’s very much a fashionista, loves DVDs, loves hats, is into electronics, and likes to get out and do things.  Something small enough to carry would be nice.

I know he loves doing things, so I’m thinking tickets to see a Mavs game might be a good one.  They will be the only team playing in our area by that time.  I know he’d love that.  So that’s a viable idea.  I might also get him tickets to tour the new Cowboys Stadium.  I think those tickets can be purchased in advance and used any time.  If so, that’ll be a winner because I know he wants to go.  I could package that with some Cowboys gear since he likes them too.

I’d love to cook dinner for him.  And I know the perfect help – Central Market!  lol  I definitely think that’ll make the list because we are both off from work on the Monday following V-day.   Maybe I can package his gift at dinner with an invite to my place for a meal.  A nice dinner at home, me in a dress and some heels, and I think he’ll be more than content and entertained, lol.

I’ll give it more thought when I get back from my trip.

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