the talk

Oh my.  There is a talk pending between Jay and me.  It is relationship-related.


We talked a little about it last night.  He says he wants to be in a relationship with me.  I want the same with him.  So why not seal the deal?  I guess we’ll see what happens when we have date #9 tonight.  We are going to do dinner and a movie at my place.  We’d discussed a double date with friends, but they want to do it on Saturday.

I’m pretty sure we are on the same page.  We’ve had a great month of getting to know one another.  There is no rush, I don’t believe, for either of us to label anything, it just seems like we’ve hit a natural place where we know it’s good, so do we hold steady or do we confirm that we are doing this thing exclusively with no other outside commitments. 

I already think we’re exclusive.  Heck, we spend so much time together it would be hard, although not impossible, to be with someone else.  I have given up any other options I may have had to see what could be with Jay.  I felt very early that what I had growing with him was something I didn’t want to jeopardize with any frivolous thing.

He has been clearly wooing me, lol.  I have never met a man so committed to making me happy and to making sure I’m taken care of.  I have no doubt that he is looking for a relationship and is ready for marriage when the time is right.  I have no doubt that he is attracted to me.  I have no doubt he is a good man.

I guess the time has come to put our cards on the table.  It’s  a good checkpoint to see if our heads are in the same place.  It would be nice if it is also the start of a commitment to each other.  Dating is fun, and we still have a lot more to experience with each other, but my goal in life is to marry, not to be a prodigious dater.

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