Jay!  I just got back home from my vacay today and was greeted by Jay.  I missed him so much.  He is so deep down inside good it’s incredible to see and have.  Tonight he told me he sees us together for a very long time.  I see it too.  This is my dream man.  Who he is inside makes him so.  Yes, his outside is incredibly sexy, but who he is inside is even better.

I am so happy.  I’m inside, deep down happy.

More on the vacation and life when I get a chance to recover.  I just wanted to say that I am happily enjoying Jay.  We are 1 1/2 months in, so still very new, but we are having fun.  We are getting to know each other.  We are getting deeper in trouble, lol.  The good news is that we both want this to be something more than the usual and that is probably the most fun of all.

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