Somebody please tell me how I lost 4.5 lbs while on vacation!

So now that I’m back I have to conclude that my lifestyle is just fattening because I ate, ate, ate on that cruise!  Omelette’s, grits, and bacon for breakfast; plates piled high for lunch, and dinner with two and three appetizers?  What is the lesson here?

Well, for starters, I grazed the whole time.  The variety made it impossible to settle on one dish and eat all of it.  Instead I ate a little of this and a little of that the entire trip.   I also ate lots of good quality food – seafood, fruit – nothing was greasy or fried.

I walked!  The ship was huge and we were on the move every second of the day.  Back and forth, up and down from breakfast to well past midnight.

I was stress free!  No communication with the outside world, nothing to do but relax.

So how do I translate that to my normal life?  That’s the question.  I guess one thought is that my sedentary life is too much to overcome without being very careful with my eating.  I also need to enhance the variety in my meals to encourage more of the grazing and less of me cleaning my plate.  Most importantly, I’ve got to move! 

I’ll be back to posting my efforts next week.  I’m going to think on it this week, practice a little and get my prep together.  We are going to conquer this thing!

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