last night

Last night BF and I went puzzle shopping. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but we have this ever growing list of things we want to do together and doing a puzzle is one of them. The list is wacky, funny, and a placeholder for everything from seeing the latest movie to going to the bowling museum. I love our wackiness together.

After finding a puzzle (which was harder than you’d think), we headed back to my place under our reinforced, not doing it rules. We ate dinner, watched a little t.v. then prepared to say good night. Saying good night lasted all of two seconds before we were all over each other, lol. BUT we stuck to our plans, barely, lol, but it was easier because I think we both know what’s at stake.

Last night was insightful for me. He is really ‘gone’. I was feeling a little uncertain because I’ve never had a man be this sure with me before, especially when he wasn’t getting any, lol, but BF is 110%. It’s like he can’t help himself and is scared to death that I will hurt him because it makes him so vulnerable.

This could be my girl interpretation, but even his friends say he is completely a lost cause when it comes to me. One of our mutual friends said we act like we are an e-har.mony commercial, lol. All I know is that I feel like one, ha ha.

He isn’t perfect, but he is an amazing man. He’s all the things he is supposed to be and then some. Last night he kissed me in such a sweet way that I felt like love was in every second….not passion, love. I haven’t had one of those in ever…if ever.

We still haven’t scratched the surface of knowing each other, but the insight I’ve had is amazing. I hope he sees how much I like and care about him. I am clear that we’ve only known each other since mid-December, but as he always says, I’ve had enough experience to know when I’ve come across a good thing.

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