the mushy stuff

You have already been forewarned that this blog will have to be the place for my gushing, mushy ramblings about BF. My girlfriends can only take so much, lol, so I have to keep some of it to myself. Things like:

BF saying it didn’t feel right not talking to me last night.

BF calling me every day during the last 30 minutes of my 1 hour commute to say good morning.

Having plans to see him is the best. He doesn’t flake on anything. If he says it, it is going to be done at that day and time. I love dependability.

Ok, that’s enough for now. lol I am usually not this gushy because men usually are a big fail, but BF is so sweet (and has references, lol), that I am allowing myself to enjoy it. We both know we only know the surface of each other, but I think we are both genuinely good people and that is a good start.

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