a day off

I’m not sure where the weekend went, but I spent much of it with BF. We both have Mondays off so that makes for nice long weekends together.

Sunday I went over to his house for a change. I love his place. It’s bigger than mine and kind of sprawling. It’s very much a man’s domain, complete with a ‘man cave’. I love being in his space and feeling so comfortable in it. I hope he feels the same way when he visits me.

We spent the evening watching the Gram.my Aw.ards. It was fun learning more about his music tastes. Up to now, I’ve only seen him enjoying old school R&B, but I guess that was the mood we were in. It’s good to see he likes all kinds of music like me. I hate when people are one note when it comes to music. It’s good to know he can appreciate everything from Da.ve Matth.ews to Black E.ye P.eas to Dr.ake to Gos.pel and then some. Music makes my world go around and I love anything that sounds good to my ear.

After the Grammy’s we played a few games on the W.ii. Too much fun, lol. He didn’t know his girl had skills! The process of getting to know each other is so much fun. Not only does it make me appreciate him more (and him, appreciate me I believe), but it also confirms over and over again who he is. The care he takes with me is amazing. It’s what every girl should have, but it will amaze me for a long time to come. Every girl should have someone who opens the door, parks your car in the garage to make sure you don’t have ice on your car whenever you want to leave, who always wants to make sure I have what I need, who protects me, who is so sure he wants to be with me…

That is the best part of all. We were watching a comedy show and the comedian was joking how a man knows his intentions towards a woman within a short period of time, and whether he’s going to marry a woman. I asked BF if that was true for him, and he said yes. I don’t think either of us is 100% sure of our future together because we have to go through the process of getting to know each other, but his certainty is so nice.

I told him women know within a short period of time whether we will give a man a chance to execute his intentions and to win us over. He definitely will have his chance.

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