new beauty

This is the year for a body upgrade. I mean head to toe!

The hair is well underway – newly natural, growing out of my ‘big chop’, healthy and strong.

The face – ahh the face. I feel like my face is in need of a little rejuvenation. I don’t know if time is catching up with me, but I do need a change of routine to try to recapture a little freshness. Any suggestions?

The body – I seem to have hit on something now that I’ve adjusted to a more low carb diet. I lost 5 lbs on my cruise with moderate exercise and high quality food, focusing on protein, fruit and vegetables. I am doing more of that as I continue the year. I am also pairing it with a focus on cardio and arm weights. Hopefully I’ll continue to see good results.

The mind – The mind hasn’t had a chance to process the changes in my life or a new year. I am riding the wave of goodness with the BF and maintaining the lessons learned during my holiday break to put work in its place, but I have not had a chance to let it all sink in. I don’t know if I’ve had a moment of solitude in weeks. I’m a thinker, so those moments must be had for me to settle with change. I’m not sure when I’ll get a moment like that, but I do need to build it into my schedule. A little time to meditate and absorb is always good.

The spirit – I don’t know if I’m mentioned BF’s involvement in his church, but he matches up well with my desired (lol) involvement. I’d made a committment last year to becoming more actively involved in my church. I don’t know how much I’ll accomplish in the short term with my schedule, but being with him definitely supports my growth in this area.

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