It’s funny how the past pops up in the midst of the present to remind you of how far you’ve come.

This was the exchange with the ex who is to date, the most f’d up individual I’ve ever dealt with:

Him: Do you hold animosity towards me? I noticed you unfriended me on after accepting my request. I thought maybe you and I were past all of that.

Me:  I have no animosity towards you.  As for, I’m sorry about that, it was just best for me.  I have no concerns about the past, but I’m good keeping my life to myself.  You, the Gossip, and His Bestfriend gave me a experience I’d like to not repeat.

Him:  I find it interesting you put others in the cipher when obviously those other people have not done anything to you. It’s cool if you like to keep your business under wraps. It is your prerogative. My perspective on things have changed a bit. I just wanted to clear the air, if what I was asking indeed was the case. You won’t hear another word from me about it.

Me: It’s whatever Ex.  I have no problems with you.  It’s just Facebook.

Him:  You are right. Have a good day!

Grow the hell up!

This is the same dude that sat and IM’d my friend (so-called) talking trash about me, telling my personal business, etc. and now you want me to be your friend?  Time has passed, we can be in the same circle again, but we will never be friends.  You forefit that kind of thing when you are found to be a gossip, liar, and immature.  If you want people to treat you differently, definitely don’t start with this kind of immature bull.  It just makes me feel like you are still the same.

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