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It’s nice to be moving towards month 3 with BF.  I always say it takes six months and a day to see if something is going to take in a relationship.  That time frame comes from experience.  Men always want to act a fool after the sixth month.  The one from the previous post made it six months and a day before he acted a fool.  So now, there’s the extra day.  The only lesson I didn’t know with him is when the fool comes out, walk away.

So, BF and I still have some time to go, but things are good.  Even when our pages are a little screwy, we still handled it with sense.  That’s all you can ask.  This morning, I feel like we are past the bump.  He came over last night and before he left, I knew we’d found resolution.  This morning when we talked on the way to work, it was good and easy and back to normal.  Best of all, we both were already trying to make plans to see each other again.

Life is good.

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