replaying last night in my head*

Last night was great.

BF and I went to his parents’ home for dinner and a movie with his sister and her fiance.  If I stopped to think about just that sentence I’d think I was in an alternate universe, but I’ll push on.

I was left alone with his mother a few times to carry on one-on-one conversation.  It was cool.  It is helpful for me to remember that she is having to find her way with me, just as I am with her.  We talked Lifetime movies and other small talk successfully.  lol  I even had a good conversation with BF’s Dad about people we know in common.  His industry overlaps with mine ever so slightly.  It’s amazing how small the world is.

After dinner, we watched a movie, which made it easy since we didn’t have to actually talk.  Afterwards, we went on our way with lots of good vibes and invitations to return.  I’m so glad it’s been easy going with his family.  It’s a nerve-wracking thing to have to go through the getting to know you phase with people, especially when everybody in the room knows it’s because two people have decided they like each other, lol. 

It’s funny that we are even in the midst of this after only about 3 months.  Do BF and I really know what we’re doing?  Is our connection so amazing that we are already engaged in this dance that people only do when it’s the real deal?  It’s one thing to date and bring your friends into it.  It’s a whole other thing to bring your family into it too.

After dinner and a movie, we went back to BF’s to get my car.  We stood outside like old times  and just hugged and kissed like we used to at the end of our dates.  BF is so direct in his feelings about me.  It’s such an amazing thing for someone to be into you.  He said last night that he can’t believe how lucky he is and how he works hard to keep me.   If only he knew that I think he’s the best and how glad I am to have him.

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