I’ve been waiting until I have time to do a hair update justice, but the spirit just hit me so here’s the quick and dirty.

Braids are the devil.  The braids turned into a fiasco.  My friend recommended awful, curly big hair (just too much for me) and half my braids fell out after the first week.  Thank goodness they fell out in the back.  I never got to enjoy them.  I wore them in a ponytail most of the time.  They matted and poofed up horribly.  I am still traumatized.

Post braids I had to start all over ‘training’ my hair to be straight.  I lost all my hair straightening skills and have yet to fully recover.  On top of that, my beautician scalped me so the top of my head is barely covered.  My hair is shorter than ever and I’m back to square one of growing it out.  Thankfully, my hair overall is healthy, I’m just concerned about long it will take to have more than Halle.Berry’s length on my head.  Great for her perhaps, but not for bigheaded me.

The conclusion – I’ll be doing my own hair for the next month to avoid the beautician and her crazy scissors.  If I do have to go back to her for a professional straightening, I’m telling her up front, no cutting or I’m cutting her.

*sigh*  This journey.  At least now I am 100% relaxer free and there is nothing left to do but grow.

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