what i wouldn’t give

…to read BF’s mind! 

We were talking on the phone last night when he started telling me about this woman at work.  Apparently she reminds him of me.  He started telling me how we have the same face and the same walk.  (I have a walk?  lol)  He says he stares at her all the time thinking of me and how she must think he’s crazy.

I promptly told him to stay away from said woman and he replied, “Don’t worry, I need my woman to make money in another pool.  I know how much we make and I don’t want to be matched up with that.”  lol 

He needs help!  I’m just mad he’s been paying so much attention.  He always amazes me with the detail of what he remembers about what I like, don’t like, etc.  Who knew men paid that much attention?

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