happiness is bf

*sigh*  Don’t let it end!

BF is so great.  I said great, not perfect, lol.

I am so happy with him.  He called me last night asking what my parents like.  They will be in town this weekend and I see he is plotting on buying them a gift.  *swoon*  Where did this man come from!

I only hope I’m as good to him as he is to me.  I had to remind myself that I did get his parents a nice bottle of wine the first time I met them.  BF does so much for me that I ache to do even half as much for him.  He would argue he does nothing.  He always says I make it so easy for him to want to do things for me.  He makes me want to do more for him.

This weekend I think the unspoken plan is for him to meet my parents.  I know my brain should be screaming – it’s only been 3 months! – but for what it’s worth, these 3 months feel better than any 2 years I’ve spent with anyone else.  We aren’t moving fast, but we aren’t moving with uncertainty either.  Neither one of us have spoken about the future, other than what we want for ourselves, but it seems like we both feel like we’ve found a strong possibility of having what we want in each other.

For the marrieds out there, how and when did you know you’d found the one?

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