time to get busy

Spring has sprung and I’m looking kinda round.  Time to get busy!

At this point in my life, I think it’s time I go back to having…and achieving a Five Year Plan.  I haven’t had a Five Year Plan since I bought my home, or perhaps since I took my latest job; but either way, it’s time I create some goals for my life and start achieving them.

My Five Year Plan

  1. Pay down debt.  The recession is real and I need to get on it regarding debt repayment and savings.  In addition, BF and I are on the dating to marry track and if it works out, there will be wedding expenses…and based on his biological clock, lol, baby expenses shortly after that.  Keep in mind this is a 5 Year Plan, so don’t go looking for any wedding bells soon.  We have only been dating 3 months! 🙂
  2. Lose 30 lbs.  It’s time I get below 200 again.  See No. 1.  If a wedding and baby are a reasonable assumption within the next 5 years, my body needs to be at its best.  Even more importantly, lol, I need my clothes to fit and to feel comfortable in my own skin.  So minus 30 lbs is a must!
  3. Grow hair to shoulder length.  No way in hell I’m taking wedding pictures with this pixie cut.  Plus I am missing my length and being able to have more variety with my hair.  Grow, baby, grow!
  4. Clutter be gone!  I have to remove every extra piece of clothing and paper from my house between now and Year 5!  That is not too much to ask.

That’s all I have for now.  Time to get started!

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