wardrobe challenge

I tried to get into a new wardrobe challenge, but I realized, I needed a few updates to get excited.  I’m ready for Spring and my Fall/Winter wear isn’t motivating.  Plus, I’m need to fill in a few gaps.  Time to go shopping!

To get myself going, I’m going to go ahead and plan out as many days of the challenge as I can.  I can also better see the gaps I need to fill either by shopping my closet or shopping at the stores.  Here goes!

Resources (Where I find stuff that fits me!): JCPenney, 6p.m., Bandolino Jeans (Macy’s/Ross), Cato, Ross, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, DSW

Week 1

  1. Purple ribbed sweater, black high waist cuffed slacks, black boots, purple/black earrings (alternative – black jacket, another purple earring or black necklace and earring pair)
  2. Gray quilted jacket, gray turtleneck, gray cuffed slacks, black boots, purple/black/silver long necklace, silver hoop earrings (snow day outfit)
  3. Oatmeal cardigan*, brown shell, brown slacks, brown wooden necklace (long, gold hoops, brown boots
  4. Gray open cardigan, black turtleneck, gray slacks, silver hoop earrings, purple/black/silver long necklace, black boots (a bit gloomy, would’ve been cute with a lighter shell)
  5. Brown long sleeve cowlneck top*, brown open cardigan, jeans, brown/pink/cream necklace, gold hoop earrings, brown boots (perfect for work to night out, look for chocolate brown slacks)
  6. Oatmeal ruffled neck cardigan, white tank, jeans with pockets, brown suede Jessica Simpson wedges, gold hoops (perfect Fall/Winter weekend wear)

Week 2

  1. Pink ruffled neck cardigan, white tank, black cuffed slacks, black boots, silver hoops and bracelet (perfect for church and work)
  2. Gray/Pink/Cream argyle cardigan, cream shell, black slacks, black boots, silver hoop earrings, silver bracelet (work basic)
  3. Pink ruffled cardigan, gray cuffed slacks, black tank, gold hoops
  4. Oatmeal cardigan, brown shell, brown slacks, brown loafers, gold hoops  (don’t wear again, 2nd time already)
  5. Black and white ruffle top, black cardigan, blue jeans, black open toe pumps, silver hoops (great for date night, girl’s night out, or with black slacks; need a silk tank for cardigan, look for more dark jeans)
  6. Black/gray dolman sleeve sweater, jeans, black open toe pumps, silver hoops, silver bracelet, black ‘leather’ jacket (great for date night)
  7. Skipped a day, no outfit

Week 3

  1. Black/white and tan dress, black open toe pumps, black open cardigan, gold hoops, clear triple strand necklace
  2. Gray 3/4 length sweater with keyhole neckline, heather gray slacks, black boots, small silver thick hoop earrings (classic work outfit)
  3. Lime green and white button down shirt*, black slacks, black loafers, small silver thick hoop earrings, initial pendant necklace (would look good with black double strand beaded necklace)
  4. Brown cowl neck sweater, brown heather slacks, brown loafers, gold hoop earrings (a very brown day!)
  5. Gray sweater, jeans, black suede wedges, silver initial pendant, thick small silver hoops
  6. Pink open cardigan, white tank, jeans, black leather ballet shoes, silver hoop earrings
  7. Blue,tan print dress, brown pumps, cream open cardigan, gold hoops, cream beaded necklace

Week 4

  1. Gray/pink/white argyle cardigan, gray tank, jeans, purple bow flats
  2. Oatmeal ruffle front cardigan, brown tank, jeans, brown boots, gold hoop earrings
  3. Black and white silk shirt, black cardigan, black slacks, black boots, small, thick silver hoops
  4. Purple cowlneck sweater, gray slacks, black boots, pink/purple/brown earrings (lost one!)
  5. Pink open cardigan, white tank, jeans, black boots, long brown wooden necklace, gold hoops (perhaps brown boots next time)
  6. n/a
  7. n/a

Week 5

  1. Gray/pink/white argyle cardigan, black tank, black slacks, black boots, thick small silver hoops
  2. ?
  3. ?
  4. Black cardigan, turquoise tank, black slacks, black boots, turquoise bracelet, silver earrings
  5. Pink open cardigan, brown tank, jeans, browwn and pink long multistrand necklace, gold hoops, brown boots



  1. Black strapless dress, black ruffle leather jacket, ____ shoes, ___ accessories
  2. Taupe, ruffle open cardigan, cream shell, ____slacks, brown, cream, and gray glass necklace, small silver hoop earrings, ____ shoes
  3. Black/gray dolman sweater, black slacks, black triple strand necklace, black teardrop earrings, ____ shoes
  4. Brown cowlneck sweater, ____ slacks, brown wood disk necklace, small gold hoop earrings, ___ shoes
  5. Black short leather jacket, snake print scarf, white t-shirt, dark jeans, black boots
  6. Black short leather jacket, ____ shell, jeans, ____ accessories, ____ shoes


  1. Black and white sheer shirt with banded waist, pencil skirt, _____ black heels, ______ accessories
  2. Purple ruffle front silk shirt, ______ slacks, ____ accessories, _____ shoes
  3. Black sheer boatneck top with white floral design, black slacks, black boots
  4. Gray argyle cardigan with pink and white, black shirt black slacks, black flats, silver jewelry
  5. Berry ruffle open cardigan,  ____ shell, dark wash jeans, ___ shoes, ____ accessories
  6. Blue studded top, dark blue jeans, black boots, gold hoops
  7. Purple heavy ribbed sweater, white t-shirt, jeans, flats


  1. ____, Gold teardrop fillagree earrings
  2. Black jacket, white t-shirt, dark skinny jeans, black chunky necklace, black pumps 

Color Combinations

Pink with Tan, White or Black



  • Brown long sleeved shell
  • Black long sleeved shell
  • Black tank (2)
  • Cream tank
  • Brown tank
  • Cream 3/4 sleeved shell
  • Mustard ruffle front tank
  • Pink silver studded tank
  • White tank
  • Brown long sleeved cowl neck
  • Lime button down with white stripes
  • Black and white ruffle top


  • Pink short sleeve open cardigan (Talbots)
  • Oatmeal cardigan with big buttons (Banana Republic)
  • Gray open cardigan
  • Brown open cardigan
  • Purple ribbed sweater
  • Oatmeal ruffled cardigan (perfect up to 65 degrees)
  • Pink ruffled cardigan (perfect up to 65 degrees)
  • Gray/pink/cream argyle cardigan
  • Gray one button cardigan
  • Black button down cardigan
  • Gray 3/4 length sweater with keyhole neckline


  • Gray cuffed slacks
  • Black cuffed slacks
  • Black slacks
  • Brown heathered slacks
  • Gray slacks
  • Heather gray slacks
  • Regular wash Bandolino jeans
  • Bandolino jeans with pockets, blue


  • Gray quilted jacket
  • Black ‘leather’ jacket


  • Black loafers, button buckle, 1 inch heel (Mootsie Tootsie)
  • Black patent boot, 2 inch heel (Franco Sarto)
  • Brown suede wedges (Jessica Simpson)
  • Brown loafer (Franco Sarto)
  • Brown two band strap wedge sandal (Bandolino)
  • Black open toe pumps (Kenneth Cole)
  • Brown boots
  • Black leather woven platform sandals (Ralph Lauren)


  • Gray Coat (Kenneth Cole)
  • Black trench coat
  • Black coat
  • Brown coat


  • Purple scarf
  • Red scarf
  • Snake print scarf (black/cream)


  • Silver bracelet
  • Silver hoop earrings (medium, large)
  • Silver thick hoop earrings, small
  • Gold hoop earrings (medium, large), 2 pair each
  • Silver, black, purple beaded necklace (can be worn short and long)
  • Silver initial pendant
  • Tan, cream, and brown beaded necklace
  • Black triple strand beaded necklace
  • Turquoise beaded bracelet
  • Turquoise necklace
  • Brown wood bracelet
  • Brown, pink, cream beaded necklace (can be worn long and short)
  • Brown wooden necklace, long
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