catching up

This has been quite the weekend! I have to give a shout out to a recent commenter, Callie. Not only is she fantastic for her courage, but she’s given me a little boost as well. Sometimes you wonder if life can really give you what you wish for. There’s this feeling that you have to keep one eye open for trouble…that it can’t possibly be this good. Well, I’m shedding that (as much as I can, lol). I’m fully embracing all the joy in my life right now.

Speaking of joy and how amazing life is, BF’s sister and fiance invited BF and me out on a bike ride on Sunday and it was so much fun. We rode 14 miles through the most beautiful landscape. I was amazed my body held up, but that’s a testiment to keeping some form of exercise in your life, no matter how small. Not only did I finish the course, but I wasn’t sore the next day. Physically I felt like I’d done something, but nothing hurt.

The amazing thing about it is I bought all of my cycling equipment about 5 years ago hoping to ride with a girl friend of mine. Well, we never made it out and after a year, I hung my bike up on the rack. When I tried to ride again, I found I had a flat. Well, 2 years later, BF comes along and sees my bike, goes and buys one for himself, fixes my flat tires, and plans a bike trip with his sister and her fiance. It’s funny when an independent action in life fits so neatly into another. The bike ride was a great way for me to get to know BF’s sister and her fiance; and is yet another way for the two of us to bond.

I’m still a little nervous when visiting with his family, but I love how he finds little ways for us to ease into knowing one another. It’s even better knowing that he cares enough for me to want me to know his family.

Life is good.

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One Comment on “catching up”

  1. Callie Says:

    Wow! Thank you for the kind words. I’ve never gotten a shout out on anyone’s blog before. I feel so special! 🙂

    Sounds like you and BF had a great weekend! I think its great that both of you are making the effort to be involved with one another’s family. It seems to me that both of you are setting a great tone for the future, and what a feeling it must be to know that you are laying the foundation for something great. Love the line about embracing your joy – I say embrace away!

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