it’s finally sinking in

I am a girlfriend, lol.  BF and I are going to a mutual friend’s birthday party tonight and we are giving a gift from ‘us’, lol.  Wow.  I never thought I’d see the day that happened.

I remember the fiasco of just trying to have a birthday party for an ex one year.  His ungrateful ass was just that…an asshole about it.  Not only didn’t he appreciate me coming from out of town to throw him a party, but he griped to mutual friends about having to show up.  It would’ve been better for him to just be honest, break up with me, and let me save my hard earned money and time for somebody who appreciated it.  Boy was I glad when the truth came out about him.  Definitely one I’m glad ‘got away’.

Years later here I am with a fantastic BF who is not only excited about anything we do together, but is happy to just be doing it with me.  It’ll be great to be at an event with him tonight and know that he’s all mine and we are ‘us’ (lol).

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