how i really feel

Last night BF and I attended a birthday dinner together.  I think it was our first real outing as a couple at that scale.  It was very cool.  We both were able to do our own thing, but we never really lost sight of each other.  I enjoyed my girls, he had fun chatting up other folks…we sat together, shared food, and just had a great time.

I care so much for him.  Someone I dated for a few months was there.  He and I are still friends, but we don’t really have a day to day friendship.  It’s kinda like a I can call on you if needed kind of thing.  Seeing the ex was great, but it reminded me how lucky I am to have BF and how much I care about him.

I told him after the event that the ex had been at the same restaurant (he was at the bar in another room).  I think it threw him a bit and I kind of wondered should I have said anything.  I’m glad I did because I don’t want any stupid secrets between us.  He said it didn’t matter, but he wished I told him so he could see who it was, lol.  Not necessary, ha ha.  I hate it threw him for a loop, but I hope he knows that there is no one that compares to him.  He is the best and I would never do anything to put what we have in danger.

I wouldn’t trade BF for anyone.

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