BF is mad that I told him about the ex being at the restaurant after the night was done.

We talked on the phone about it and in his mind all he can see and hear is that someone I used to talk to is still relevant to me and is that present in my environment.  The problem with that is that it isn’t.  It’s truly past and I haven’t talked to this person since last year, but he is absorbed in his mind.  Maybe he is reading the relevance this person had at one time, but BF is where I want to be.  I have no doubt.

I’m not sure what should have been done.  Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything, but what if it had come up later?  Why not say something?  Why not be upfront.  I didn’t give any detail of what was or wasn’t, just that the person was there.

I get from the male perspective, now anyway, that it might have been uncomfortable to know the person was there and not be aware, but we weren’t in the same room and I didn’t think about it while we were there. 

Either way, it raises a point to be addressed.  I can’t do this thing where drama ensues from real life happening.  I also must feel confident in my relationship. 

Despite the hurt of this situation, there are positives.  BF told me how he feels.  And from a male perspective I get it.  I think they are selfish feelings, but hopefully they will translate into an opportunity for growth for both of us.  I feel confident that I said the right thing at the right time.  I’d rather be open than closed; and I don’t feel the need to introduce an ex to a current, especially when their paths didn’t cross.

I hope we grow from this because I know I want to be with him.  I guess it’s up to him to decided whether he wants to be with me or whether any slight, real or perceived is enough to let go.

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