love is an action

Well, I hate to be totally annoying, but I am so happy I can barely contain myself.  Since our big ‘to do’ this weekend, BF has been the most attentive man!  I get hugs and kisses and hand holding and more kisses… 🙂   Everything an affection hog like me loves.

I think we’ve both been reminded that love is an action and no matter how good a relationship is, it is never as good as it is when you put action behind the feelings and words.  It’s never as good as it is when you let go of your fears and allow yourself to give and receive love without question or doubt.  

 BF has always been very affectionate and a total gentleman with me.  He opens doors, pays for dinner, thinks of fun, creative dates, and always calls and does what he says he’ll do.  But now there’s something different.  I think instead of holding back to see what will be, he’s actively showing what he wants to have with me.  That is an amazing gift for both of us to share.  To overcome that barrier within ourselves gives us limitless opportunities.

Last night we talked about what we wanted from each other.  I told him I  was dating him to see if he was my husband.  lol  Hey, I’m not looking for a bedwarmer, a bill payer, or a ego stroker.  Husband is the job opening and all applicants need to be about the business of trying to get the job.   He wouldn’t go that far, but he did say he wanted to to see if I was the one he would spend the rest of his life with.  I guess my fear of putting it out in the universe is gone.  I’m 35, I know what I want, lol.

I’ve always known we were interested in each other in that way.  And with all the respect and care we give each other, it’s great to be in a place where we know it’s more than just being a good person to someone.  It’s giving them love energy – that delicious goodness that comes from within and is manifested with that extra you just can’t find from anybody off the street.

So I’m basking in love energy!  BF hugs that make me feel like our bodies are melding together.  BF kisses that are so tender and sweet.  BF excitement about finding what me (and him thinking I’m so daggone great, lol).  BF words telling me I can’t begin to comprehend how much he wants to be with me.

That is love as an action and it’s pretty sweet.

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