weight loss

The dieting efforts have been a bust so far.  I’ve grown alot from the experiences I’ve had, but I still haven’t made the sacrifices needed to really see a change in my weight.  That’s the part I have to make peace with and just do.

I am in such a great place right now and it would be wonderful to finally conquer this aspect of my life as well.  I have all I need in front of me.  I just have to convince myself.

For once I have no excuses.  Yes time is still a challenge, but it probably will always be if I let it.  I have the right foods and food knowledge.  I have all the support in the world (family, BF, friends…).  I just need to do it.

So I am.  I’m not going to make any big declaration or initate any kind of challenge.  I’m just going to do it.  Step by step, day by day, minute by minute.  My first step is to just eat less.  I eat right (5x per day, the right foods, etc.), but I eat too much volume-wise.  My second step is to move.  I’ve got to move 30 minutes a day minimum and get in a hard work out on the weekends.  I just have to do it despite any issues related to hair, weather, or time.

I want to have BF love on me and not experience rolls of fat.  He has never said a word and is as hot for me as I am for him, lol, but I want that for us.  I want a strong, healthy body.

I want to feel fit and strong.  I want to look good in my clothes.  I want to have a flat belly.  I want to have this off my plate so I can focus on all the good things I feel are coming – love, family, peace, success – all of it!

So I start today, with my half bowl of oatmeal, cranberries, and coffee.

My goal for today is to eat only when hungry and to make great choices.  I want to end the day knowing I ate only what I needed for fuel.

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