bf and i are taking a break

We are so tired we don’t know what to do.  There is such a thing as TOO much good love, lol.

Since I met BF, I haven’t gone more than two weeks without seeing or talking to him (Christmas, Cruise).  We are almost five months in and I think we have worn ourselves out.  So it’s time to take a break to get some rest, clean our houses, see our friends, and get some quality ‘me’ time. 

I think we should probably start today.  In fact, I think I may insist on it.  I will miss my baby, but we have to start finding balance and not become completely obsessed with each other.  It’s just so hard not to when I love him so much.  Funny to use the love word here since I haven’t said it to him yet.  I just need to make it a full six months before I just let all restraint go.  Past experience just makes me hesitant to let loose.  I want to show my love, but I just need to allow us to be even more confirmed before I drown him with it. 

So for the next week I’m going to clean my house, rest rest rest, read a book, relax, exercise, cook, and take some time off from BF.  I am suffering withdrawl just thinking about not hugging him, kissing him, smelling his cologne, being with him…but we both need the break and I want him to have some time to think. 

Sometimes that’s not a good thing, but I know he has his own questions about our relationship and I want him clear headed.  Last night we were talking and he asked me how do you know if someone is the one…when do you doubt too much based on past experiences…do I have enough time…  I want him to sit with himself and more fully know what he wants.  I have no doubt that he loves me too, but we all need time to reflect and process our thoughts.

I know BF sees us as a marriage match.  When he asked the question of does he have enough time, I asked how much time does he need.  He said until next year.  Wow.  If he means until next year for us to be engaged, little does he know, that’s fine with me.  I need time to get my house in order as well.  His timing couldn’t be more perfect.

We are a great thing together.  I don’t see us going anywhere but up.  We just need to take our time.  So for this week, we’ll take a break, entertain our own thoughts, get our houses in order and come back together on hopefully even more solid ground.

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2 Comments on “bf and i are taking a break”

  1. Lola Says:

    Imagine how people get “me time” when you’re married and live together. There can be a natural flow to it, you’ll see. Sounds like you guys are just running too much. Just be careful putting too much space between you two, you’re a smart girl so I’m not trying to lecture you here. Just take it day by day, I wouldn’t suggest making any broad sweeping type decisions like “we will be apart for one entire week” sort of thing. You can’t turn this sort of thing off and on – but what do I know about dating? I’ve been married for 20 yrs 🙂

  2. TwentyTwo Says:

    Thanks for the advice. 🙂 You are so right, I am definitely adjusting to having someone in my life. I’m used to being alone all the time! I doubt we go a week without seeing each other. We usually spend two days apart due to other obligations. I agree we just need to figure out how to be together and be ‘still’.

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