so much for that

Well, BF and I only made it a day on our plan to take some time away to get caught up no our own lives, lol.  He came over after work yesterday and we watched 24 (our obsession) and worked on our 500 piece puzzle (we do lots of stuff like that, lol). 

I missed him!  I don’t think we’ll be taking any breaks again.  We’ll just have to not try to do some much all the time.  instead, maybe we’ll just lounge more so we aren’t so worn out from running.

This weekend BF is taking me to a local theater that has nothing but love seats!  Love it!  We are going to snuggle up and watch Iron Man.  My baby is such a good date planner. 🙂

In between, I’m going to scrub my house and get caught up.  We did talk about carving out time to do our errands, etc and I’m going to stick to that.  Saturday morning will be my time to scrub the house, run the errands, and Sunday we are both going to relax together.

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