today is the day


Today is the day I take the first step towards losing 30 lbs.  BF has promised to stop bringing me fried oysters (my favorite) and I have committed to planning out a 1200 calorie meal plan on daily.

I realize that I have a few things to figure out – like daily workouts and how to eat about 400 calories per meal when I can’t work out, but I have everything I need to do it, so time to get to it.

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2 Comments on “today is the day”

  1. Thkchk Says:

    You can do it. Preparation is a big key. Prevention magazine has some ideas from the 400 calorie meal fix book


    I haven’t seen this book but the meals look to be more convenience based as opposed to the healthiest foods.

    What kinds of foods do you like per meal?

  2. TwentyTwo Says:


    I generally like a variety of things now that my tastebuds have been trained. I lean towards salads, complex carbs, (sugar – bad, bad), and fish. No beef.

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