i’m here!

But barely.  As I’ve said before I need blog freshness, but I just don’t want to let this blog go.  I’ve started another blog – *gasp* – but I’m not ready to share just yet.  In fact, when I do share, it will only be with those who actively follow this blog, so comment if you want to journey to the next episode. 🙂

But until I’m ready to shift into a new phase more completely, I will be sure to update here from time to time.  This blog still has the complete story, so to speak, so I won’t let go of it soon.


My birthday was amazing!  The Friday night even turned out to be a good mixed crowd.  BF came out to support and I just felt like I had it all.  It feels good to be so comfortable with where you are in life.

Saturday, BF took me to dinner at an exclusive restaurant.  To recount the highlights – I had a special dinner with BF overlooking the City; there was cherries jubilee at our table; the food was amazing; the band played Happy Birthday and Pretty Woman for me; and the maitre d’ pulled me aside to inform me that BF’s family loved me, especially his mother, and to ask when was the wedding date, lol.

It has been a perfect birthday and week.  I’m extremely happy and I hope it never ends.

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3 Comments on “i’m here!”

  1. Thkchk Says:

    Glad to hear things are going so well. Stay blessed

  2. TwentyTwo Says:


  3. Callie Says:

    Glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday celebration! I so want to know what happens with you and BF so keep me posted if you move your blog:)

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