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I’m still on the natural hair journey.  I’ve just been less absorbed.  Lately I’ve been patiently waiting for this awful layered hair cut to grow out.  This cut dates back to February when my beautician gave me another big chop.  I think the reason was a mix of bad braids (I should’ve listened to my beautician, not my inexperienced friend) and my beautician (ah, no one’s perfect) not seeming to get that my hair just isn’t kinky coily and cutting more off to ‘get rid of relaxed ends’.

I’m four months post cut and I now have fullness again, if not length.  Sadly the top of my head is growing so slowly that I have spiky short pieces in the top and ever growing long pieces on the sides and bottom.  I’m continously cutting to keep some semblance of a style. *sigh*

The good news is that my hair is healthy and I’ve learned to do it myself in 30 minutes or less.  My routine was further enhanced this weekend when my Mom brought me a new product, that I dare say is a miracle product for me.  I’ve thrown it in with my usual products and have had great results.  

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum

I definitely feel like my hair dries much faster.  Best of all, I seem to have better results with my flat iron (straighter with less heat and less reversion) and new electric hot comb.  When, if ever, I finally get some length, I will definitely be able to pull off great hair at home.

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