When parents meet!

BF’s family AND my parents met each other this weekend!

BF and I had already planned for him to meet my family (Grandma, Aunt, Cousin and parents visited for the 4th of July holiday) over dinner Sunday afternoon (he met my parents in March); but somewhere after then and Monday, we ended up making plans for his parents to meet mine.  We’ve talked about it, but I didn’t expect it to happen until their next visit. 

We’ve been dating seven months and I think in both of our heads, we never saw our relationship being so solid and progressing so definitely towards marriage without dating a minimum of one year, but I guess love doesn’t have a time table or a calendar because since about month 2, we and everybody around us has seen the writing on the wall.  We are a match for sure and there’s no hiding or slowing it down, lol.

So Sunday, BF mentions that his parents wanted to invite my family over for BBQ on Monday.  BF put them off because we hadn’t discussed it.  After talking, he and I both felt having his family meet all of my family that was visiting was too much.  So the Sunday progressed to Monday.

On Monday, while out shopping with my Dad, he made the comment that he didn’t want my boyfriend’s parents to feel put off by us not accepting their invitation (mind you, BF’s parents invited my parents over the dayBF first met my parents – again, too soon for us!). 

So I sent BF a text and it was decided the parents would meet.  Wow!  So Monday night, my parents and I traveled to my BF’s parents house to meet the parents and my BF’s sister and her husband.  We had a great time.  Both family’s had great conversation and seemed to delight in meeting one another.  BF has always said that he sees marriage as bringing two families together…and I think ours is a very sweet match.

Later BF and I talked about it and I told him how scary it is to have so many people involved in this thing we’ve created and he told me not to worry, we are going to make it…this is real.  It’s a nice place to be.

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