a reminder

I was just reminded that nothing is guaranteed forever, even things that are for a moment in time so very perfect.

BF said the only thing he could see breaking us up was age.  Now I’m sure cheating might make the list, but tonight he said age.  He is 32 (will be 33 in October).  I am 36 (as of June).  He worries we don’t have time.  Translation – he doesn’t have time to establish himself to where he wants to be before marriage.

I know he loves me, but will he one day decide to let me go because of time?  Can all of this be just short of true, unconditional?

I have faith in God’s plan.  What he has given me is something no one can take away, but today I’m left a little bruised, wondering if one day this may all go away – not because we don’t love each other, but because he thinks a job, a savings account or some other materialistic thing defines being ready for a life together.

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