I finally thought through the funny feeling I’ve been having and realized what was bothering me.  I needed more.  I am a super affectionate person when it comes to relationships.  I don’t want to get on anybody’s nerves, but I do like to be hugged, kissed, and touched. 

Well, BF is reserved.  He holds my hand, kisses me often, and loves to spoon.  I just want more.  So I told him. 

So this morning as he left for work I got lots of kisses big and small and he got lots of giggles from me.

All is right in the world.

BF and I are so easily compatible, but that is our one difference.  His loving comes in bursts, whereas mine is given all the time.  If I don’t see him for two days, I can count on him grabbing me after we’ve eased into the evening for a passionate kiss.  Me on the other hand, I attack him as soon as he walks through the door and will go nonstop until I wear myself out, lol.  I try to balance myself and not smother him in kisses and I guess he’ll have to work on balancing himself so that I get my kiss/hug/snuggle quota.

A successful relationship really requires great communication.  There are so many needs, vents, jokes, comments, situations, and personalities that play into what happens between two people.  Without good communication, it would be impossible to successfully navigate any of it.

BF and I are locked in solid.  The tide may turn tomorrow, but I can say for sure that we both have our eyes on a future together.  I’m looking forward to every minute.

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