Methods (all are untried as a method) (hair type – 3C)

Product info:


Emerging Routine

  1. Biolage Shampoo
  2. Hair rinse to hide gray (as needed)
  3. Organic Root Stimulator Mayonnaise (weekly deep conditioner, 30 min – makes my scalp feel so tingly and fresh, like tea tree oil); (try doing a hot oil treatment during mid-weekly washes (coconut oil/ hot six/ etc.) Biolage or Yes to Carrots Conditioner in between
  4. Leave-in Conditioner (Aphogee, Yes to Carrots)
  5. Oil (any natural oil at this point – hot six, coconut,shea, etc.)
  6. Miss Jessie’s Buttercreme on wet hair
  7. Air Dry or Blow dry (best for straight styles, apply moisture block before blow drying
  8. Carrot Oil
  9. Vonte’s Silk Effects for daily styling when straightening (apply to each piece, along with a heat protectant and flat iron, good on edges when mixed with a little water)
  10. Carrot Oil ,  Hot Six nightly or as needed to moisturize roots – oil roots, brush through, ponytail, wrap
  11. Clarify monthly with baking soda treatment (Cherry Lola Treatment)

1. Wash and conditioner hair with Biolage hydratherapie shampoo and conditioner
2. Towel dry hair gently and rub in leave-in conditioner
3. Moisturize roots with homemade hair butter, ends with Hot Six Oil
4. Lightly coat root to tip with Sabino Moisture Block
5. Blow dry
6. Flat Iron, root to tip
7. Style (light Hot Six Oil if needed for shine (may need to research another product), finish with Fructis Hair Wax for flyaways and control)

Products to try

  • Jamican Black Castor Oil
  • Fantasia High Potency IC Hair Polisher Heat Protector Straightening Spray
  • Proclaim Curl Activator Gel
  • Chignon foundation
  • Curlaway (?)
  • Giovanni leave in
  • Bagging Technique
  • Mane and Tail conditioner
  • CHI heat protector
  • Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide Protective Smoother
  • Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave-in cream: I’ve been using this (again) for my last 2 wash & go’s. Still love it.
  • Elasta QP DPR-11: Absolute FAVORITE conditioner for deep treating.
  • Miss Jessie’s Butter Creme: I’ve been dipping my hand in this cookie jar for a long time now. For a finishing touch, I use a dab (a “finger full”) to help increase shine.
  • Eco-Styler Styling Gel: My guilty pleasure. A better alternative would be Aloe Vera Gel, however my Eco-Styler is cheaper and has been my right hand man for MANY years now. Still love it- it doesn’t flake!

Homemade Curl Lotion

1. Castor Oil, but you can use whatever oil works in your hair.
2. Aloe Vera Gel
3. Conditioner(I use Sally’s brand Matrix Hydrating Balm, Or Giovanni deep moisture)-But whatever you HG conditioner is will work fine.
4. Blend it and viola you have a cream.

1. Wash hair with Biolage hydratherapie shampoo and conditioner
2. Towel dry hair
3. Lightly coat root to tip with ‘combing’ conditioner’ (See Terri’s method)

Curly (Tamara’s Method)

Curl Definition

– Blow dryer with Diffuser
– Denman brush
– Leave-in Conditioner
– Creamy Moisturizer
– Glosser
– Hair Oil

• Cleanse hair as usually with creaming cleansing or conditioner.
• Condition hair with your favorite conditioner. Rinse hair but do not rinse all the conditioner out.
DO NOT towel dry
• Be Careful not to disturb the natural curl pattern.
• Begin to rub creamy moisturizer in hair from root to tip.
• Repeat with leave-in conditioner.
• Style as desired • Optional lightly dab ends of hair with 100% Cotton Cloth* or paper towel.
• To minimize curl shrinkage seat under the hair dryer or blow dry with diffuser.
• To get the full length of your hair you can stretch out section and apply heat by blow dryer no need for the diffuser for this.
• Carefully rub glosser in hair or spray oil sheen**.

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