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new cookware!

July 20, 2009

I’ve been in desperate need of new cookware for awhile now, but I kept finding things I needed more. With fb2 coming to town and my hosting Thanksgiving this year, I realize I have to find a few replacement pieces – or a new set in the next few months. Now that’s easy to do, but not when you want the best of the best. I’m determined to get either a set of Calphalon or All Clad cookware. I know my parents will probably get me the Calphalon if I don’t get anything else at Christmas, but I think I might have to do it on my own before then.

I guess today is my lucky day because I found 3 pieces of the All Clad Ltd2 set on the sales rack at Marshalls!

6 Qt. Saute Pan

all clad saute pan

Not only is it restaurant quality, but it’s dishwasher safe! Yay for the lazy girl, lol. Regular $410.00, I got it for $69!

I also found 2 fry pans, an 8″ and 10″. I’m not sure if I’ll keep both, but at less than $39 each, I couldn’t leave them there!

All Clad fry pan
If I can find a few pots and maybe a soup pot, I’ll be set! For less than 1/3 of the regular price. Unbelievable!