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March 2, 2010

Courtesy of The Misses…

kitchen design

bedroom finish

August 21, 2009

By the end of the summer, the main rooms of my house should be painted, cleaned, and ready for company.  This fall, I plan on moving to my bedrooms, starting with my bedroom.

I think I want to go with a white theme in my bedroom.  I want something crisp, hotel-like, and luxurious.  I need to do a furniture overhaul in most of my rooms, however, I’m being money smart these days and will not take that on until I pay off my car next year.  Until then, I’m working with what I have and doing the groundwork for where I want to go next.

Currently I have a really nice quilted silk comforter set in a nice yellow gold on my bed.  I want build off of it by bringing in hotel whites, a relaxing tan, and keeping the yellow as a third background color.  Here are some inspirations:

Color palette

color palette

Wall Color

wall color

Accessories and dark wood


List of Things to Do

August 17, 2009

Today I’m taking advantage of a little me time to get my environment in order. Over the next few weeks I’m going to focus on getting all the small things off of my plate.

Today’s List

  1. sweep/mop
  2. vacuum/clean carpet
  3. guest bath
  4. my bath
  5. fold clothes
  6. laundry room
  7. dust ceiling fan

Prior to Labor Day Weekend

  1. Sort all clothes in my bedroom
  2. Clear bins
  3. Clear guest bedroom
  4. Clean Pup’s crate and bowls
  5. Touch up paint
  6. Refrigerator
  7. Put down rugs
  8. Paint front room
  9. Round mirror
  10. Orange/red accents for living room (no flowers)
  11. Under bed
  12. Recycle bin


July 13, 2009

Now that my living room, kitchen combo are coming together, I can now focus on painting the front room (again) in its final color, along with the washroom and guest bath. I think that’s all I’ll attempt to accomplish between now and the end of the year.

I want to find a nice deep tan to compliment the yummy gold tone in my main rooms. I’ve decided not to continue the gold tone throughout the main rooms because I need a more subtle color to compliment the accent walls I’d like to do. I don’t want two colors competing with one another.

If I can, I’d love to have a nice, low key entry color for the front area and the laundry room (the garage entry), but I don’t want it to be a jolting change to the living room. I may have to call on a professional. I hate nothing more than a bad paint job!

I’ve run across a this advice on several websites – the 60/30/10 rule – That is, picking a color that is 60% of the color scheme, another that is 30% and an accent that is used for 10% of the room. That’s been the best advice I’ve seen on how to decorate a room. My gold tone is 60% of my living room/ kitchen, with green as my 30%. I haven’t decided on my 10% accent, but I’m leaning towards orange. I’ve grown so much as a decorator with this paint project!

Here are a few inspirations

Living Room Curtains


Overall Color (Orange) and Ambiance Inspiration

color inspiration

color inspiration

almost there

July 6, 2009

This weekend my Dad and I finished painting my kitchen and hallway.  Now, my main rooms are complete and it’s beautiful!  (Sorry I don’t have pictures.  I lost my camera battery charger!)

My inspiration room has translated very well into my own home.  The seat cushions (not shown in any photos I can find online) became my wall color.  It’s a nice creamy yellow mixed by Home Depot based on what I told them I wanted (fantastic!).  It’s a color that makes you think of bananas, the perfect tan, and a cool yellow with gray undertones – all at the same time.  It even has a hint of shimmer (thanks to the attempt to bring in a sand tone), a perfect compliment to my black appliances, chocolate leather sofas, dark wood tables, and lighter wood cabinets. 

Somehow after all these months of trying to find something that expresses me, I’ve found the perfect blend of Southern charm, natural materials, elegance, and comfort.  Lovely!

home decor – living room and kitchen

June 29, 2009

I finally have a color scheme for my living room and kitchen.  After months of testing sample colors, it has come to life!  My inspiration room is the dining room at Screen Door Restaurant in Dallas.  It’s a little bit Southern, a little club-like, but still feminine.  Perfect for what I have in mind.

Screen Door dining room

Screen Door Dining Room (the room looks green, but it’s actually more cream; and when I dined there, they had white roses, which I loved more than the peach ones shown)

I’ve started painting my walls a beautiful beige, heavily tinged with brown. It’s like the perfect shade of brown cream, interesting without being too dark.

Sherwin Williams

I currently have chocolate leather sofas with dark and medium wood tables around the room.

leather sofa

I found the perfect pillows at Marshall’s on a back aisle a few weeks ago. Having the defining fabric in hand has really helped me develop my interior design.

pleated pillow

I tried to deny green as my color for a long time. Even though it’s my favorite color, I just never could find a color that didn’t look like a leprechan might jump out or that icky cafeteria shade. Best of all, the rowan pleating on the pillows give it a look of comfort and interest. The silk material adds an elegance that allows the room to float between comfort and luxury.

Over the fireplace, I want to hang a dark wood, round mirror. I hope to find interesting candle holders to frame it on both sides.


I’ll finish it all with lots of great accessories ranging from orange (candles and vases) to cream (candles, accessories, curtains with a pattern), with various shades of brown (shelves, candle holders, accessories) mixed in.

It’ll be awhile before it all comes together, but I have most of the big pieces. Little touches like a new countertop (brown, black, cream, gold undertones), a backsplash, new tables (more elegant kitchen table), and curtains will finish it off. My inspiration room above gives a great sense of how I’d like to finish the kitchen and the living room in general – lots of softness, sparkle (glass), comfort, and elegance.

I can’t wait to pull it all together. I plan on hosting a small dinner party of all my closest friends when I’m done.

More inspiration…


Perfect for the adjacent bathroom (the colors and accessories, not the shelving or sink!)

flowers for the lady

June 26, 2009

Inspired by Desiree Rogers, I’ve decided that at least once a month, a girl should have nothing on her desk but a fabulous arrangement of beautiful, exotic flowers.

Desiree Rogers

I will be incorporating fresh, simple, modern flowers at home and, ever so often, at work on a nice clean desk.

One of my favorites, dahlias


Another favorite, peonies


Is there a flower I don’t love? Aren’t these sunflowers delicious? I love an unusual flower.

sunflowers and roses

A forever classic, calla lilies

calla lilies

And…well, a girl can dream.

wedding bouquet

picking paint

March 14, 2009

Next week I am painting my living room, kitchen, and hall!  Finally!  I’ve been in my house almost six years and have yet to invest in decorating it.  I’ve tried here and there, but my biggest problem is that I could never find a starting point.  I think I finally have one.

I’ll post more once I finalize my paint chips.  I can’t wait to buy curtains and vases and more!