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August 22, 2009

Funny moments from last night:

– Where have you been hiding? Uh no where. I’ve been living my life without you. And the last time you invited me somewhere was…. Wait, do I know you?

– Get off your phone. Uh, do I know you?

– I’m not divorced, but I am separated. Umm, I like my men fully free of all former relationships. I don’t want to know you.


birthday, birthday, birthday!

June 2, 2009

My 35th birthday is coming up and I’m excited! I won’t be traveling as planned, but I will enjoy a great ‘staycation’ in town.

I’ve already booked one birthday celebration – a good southern brunch at Screen Door, a great restaurant in the Arts District. A perfect day of good home cooked food, with a modern twist, followed by a day of shopping one of the districts around town or a movie if there’s something good out. I hope it’ll be a beautiful day that will allow us to get some sun on our faces!

So far, the birthday itinerary includes:

Event #1
Birthday party at Splitsville

Event #2
-Southern Brunch at Screen Door
Cork Wines (West Village), taste and purchase
-West Village window shopping (by then, I should be down at least 10-12 lbs!)
-Movie or Evening Patio

Event #3
-Family BBQ with lots of hotdogs, barbeque chicken, baked beans, roasted vegetables, and turkey burgers and ‘THE’ birthday cake with special birthday medallion and special candles (purchased from La Duni – either the cuatro leches or triple chocolate truffle cake, I’m leaning towards the chocolate!)

Event #4
-The Taste of Dallas and Downtown Stroll

Event #5
Knitting Class and Chai Tea (best chai in town)
– Explore Uptown

Keep in mind I believe I’m allowed to celebrate my birthday one day for every year I’ve been alive or until I blow out candles…OR until the end of the summer, lol. More to come!

lazy weekend

March 14, 2009

Last weekend C. and I had the BEST weekend ever!  We checked in the W hotel and chilled out.  We arrived on Friday afternoon and entered the trendy W with our Fendi shades to find our room was not ready.  No worries!  We were upgraded to a better room and given two drink tickets to pass the time. 

After easing into the day, we headed off to Savor Dallas, a food and wine festival held annually in the downtown Arts District.  After a day of food and wine, we settled in for sushi and a night of partying at the Ghost Bar.  It was a perfect night.

The next day we lounged around enjoying complementary pancakes before heading up to the Bliss Spa.    After picking our discounting spa choices, we checked out and traveled over to a local hangout spot with more shops and restaurants to window shop and to sit on the patio catching sun with the rest waiting to see and be seen.

The rain came in and we ran into the theater to see Slumdog Millionnaire.  Fabulous movie!  If you haven’t seen it, go see it today!  It will be better than any other movie you’ve ever seen that attempts to tell the story of how poverty can shape lives.  Loved it.

The lazy weekend ended with drinks and appetizers at C. and my favorite spot…yes, on the patio.  A perfect, lazy, weekend.

places to go, things to see

January 10, 2009

This weekend I have no plans. Woo hoo! This is my go with the flow weekend. I woke up with plans to clean and got a text from T. asking if I wanted to go to the Farmers Market. Me being me I immediately said yes. I’m always game for checking something out, lol.

Farmers Market

It was great. Fruit, vegetables, and flowers everywhere. When I first moved to town I used to go to the Farmers Market once a month at a minimum to soak in the atmosphere, to get some fresh air, and to load up on good, colorful food. T. and I said we’re going to have to pick up that habit again. We’re both trying to lose weight and are using vegetables, low carb, and healthy eating methods to do so, so it’s a great outing for both of us.

Tomorrow if nothing else comes up, I’m going to go to a local coffee shop or bookstore and find a comfy chair to do a little work or read. This is definitely a chill out weekend and I love it.