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simple ways to say i love you

February 5, 2010

I think I finally know what I’m getting BF for Valentine’s Day. It really wasn’t that hard to figure out once I relaxed and just thought about him.

I’m leaning towards a packaged gift of mixed candy treats. He loves candy, so that would be cool, especially candy that has a Valentine’s theme. That’ll be my fun gift in a box with a bow.

Otherwise, depending on what he has planned, I’m going to also prep one of our *list* ideas into a packaged ‘date in a box’. He always does everything for me. He won’t even let me pick up dinner on my way over to his house, so it’ll be nice to choose one of the ideas we’ve had together and get all the tickets, etc. to make it happen.


I’m going to dress up in my sexiest dress and highest heels and cook dinner for him, candles and all. We’ll see if dinner is in the cards for his plans first.

On the sexy side, lol, I would love to give him a note telling him how I feel about him. He always write such beautiful things about us. He shares them here and there, but I’d love to do a little something to encourage him to share his thoughts more often, in a more old fashioned way (i.e. not via text, email, or IM). I think I might buy some cards just for notes to him. I love, love, love note cards, so for once I’ll actually have a reason to use them. Add to that a hot oil massage and I think we can close the book on Valentine’s 2010!