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the benefits of a good tea

August 29, 2009

Any tea drinkers out there? Not the average brews, but the more exotic blends?


I’ve been visiting the local Teavana and finally decided to buy something on Friday. With my long commute and my thyroid issues, I am constantly battling fatigue (I won’t even get into the weight issues). Their brochure highlighting the health benefits of each of the teas and tea blends peaked my interest. I decided to give one a try – a Matevana/Rooibos blend – providing energy, appetite suppression, and allergy relief, among other things. Not only is it tasty, but it seemed to fit my specific needs.

I tried my purchase today and found I had energy all day long, but was still able to take a nap (just because) and still got sleepy at my regular bedtime. I also wasn’t hungry all day. I still ate on schedule, but I could’ve easily eaten less or not at all. Overall, it’s a winner! I will be drinking it daily as a morning substitute for coffee. I also want to try their Strawberry Slender blend to see if it provides the weight loss benefits it claims.

It would be life changing to find something that gave me sustainable energy, especially something that I could brew up in a few minutes and carry around with me. Life changing!