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thyroid and me

April 9, 2010

I was reminded how lucky I am to be where I am today while reading a thyroid blog.  I went through a few ups and downs while trying to find balance with my thyroid and I realize how blessed I am to have found equilibrium.

While I can’t seem to lose a pound, at least I’m emotionally and physically stable and for today, I’ll be thankful for that!


January 26, 2010

The shock of being back at work with too many things on my plate is making me feel miserable.  My face is breaking out and I’m exhausted…and it’s only day 2.

I didn’t take my meds on schedule while on vacation and I am really feeling it.  I’ve got to get back to taking my thy.roid meds and Vita.min D on schedule.  I can’t forget that my body can’t handle being off schedule with meds or sleep.

I can’t wait to get home so I can pass out.


November 30, 2009

I am so regretting the cereal, milk, and bread I bought today for my meals this week.

Erika Used Good Nutrition To Fight Thyroid Disease and Lose Weight

I have got to figure out how to convert to a no-carb/dairy (or very low) diet plan. It’s the only thing I keep hearing that works for people with thyroid issues. *sigh* I wish I’d thawed out that chicken I bought yesterday. I could make chicken salad for tonight.

*double sigh*

I’ve got to get it together. The pudge around my middle keeps growing. Maybe I’ll make another grocery stop tonight on my way home.  I should probably go by Central Market.

The basics of the ‘Paleo Diet’ as referenced in the article above are fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and seafood.  I have shrimp at home, so maybe I’ll make that for tomorrow while the chicken thaws overnight.  I’ll have to rummage through my freezer.  I’m sure I have lots of frozen vegetables from my vegetarian efforts. 

*triple sigh*

changing the game

November 12, 2009

I spoke with my endocrinologist’s office about diet and nutrition and she said I as doing all the right things.  She suggested I eat more protein and less or very limited carbs.  She said I may not tolerate carbs well.  She also suggested that I look for ways to eat less (more of a comment on how I should pay attention to portion size, not starve myself).

 So I’m going to work on my meal plans to eat primarily protein and vegetables at most meals.  Some changes I can think of off hand is not eating oatmeal for breakfast any more and maybe creating smoothies with cottage cheese (protein).  I will also eliminate granola and focus more on fruit.

 I’ll have to look up some high protein diet plans this week.  As I told my doctor, at least I have some good basics in place.  Now it’s finding the exact recipe that works for me.

trapped in a fat body

November 12, 2009

On one hand it sucks to have thyroid issues, but on the other it’s nice to have a doctor who is there to help you deal with it.  I’m not sure if other medical issues have doctors that are there for any little concern, but my hats are off to endocrinologists.  I can call mine at any point in a day and ask her a question.  Of course she doesn’t answer the phone, but she has a whole team that is constantly there to give you tips and suggestions on how to deal with the impact of thyroid issues.

I called my doctor today to ask her for help with my weight loss.  I’ve been eating better than I ever have for over 6 months and I have only lost 4 lbs at best.  My mom has read where adjustments in your meds can help with weightloss.  She suggested that I reach out for help.  I hope help is able to get my weight loss efforts moving.  I’m so tired of being overweight – especially when it’s not because I am a bad eater or don’t exercise.

I know it’s hard for thyroid patients, but I need my weight to change.  If I’m going to be single for the rest of my life, the least I can be is skinny and fashionable.

the benefits of a good tea

August 29, 2009

Any tea drinkers out there? Not the average brews, but the more exotic blends?


I’ve been visiting the local Teavana and finally decided to buy something on Friday. With my long commute and my thyroid issues, I am constantly battling fatigue (I won’t even get into the weight issues). Their brochure highlighting the health benefits of each of the teas and tea blends peaked my interest. I decided to give one a try – a Matevana/Rooibos blend – providing energy, appetite suppression, and allergy relief, among other things. Not only is it tasty, but it seemed to fit my specific needs.

I tried my purchase today and found I had energy all day long, but was still able to take a nap (just because) and still got sleepy at my regular bedtime. I also wasn’t hungry all day. I still ate on schedule, but I could’ve easily eaten less or not at all. Overall, it’s a winner! I will be drinking it daily as a morning substitute for coffee. I also want to try their Strawberry Slender blend to see if it provides the weight loss benefits it claims.

It would be life changing to find something that gave me sustainable energy, especially something that I could brew up in a few minutes and carry around with me. Life changing!

crossing my fingers

May 1, 2009

I really hope my latest blood test shows I need more Vitamin D.  I have been so tired and when I was on the prescription strength Vitamin D I felt so much better.  I know my schedule is demanding, but I’m very careful to go to bed on time, I’m eating better, and I’m managing the stress and demands well.  I need to feel some benefit from all of that.  Not this paralyzing fatigue that makes me want a serious nap by noon and has me literally falling asleep at 8 p.m.  I just need a break from not seeing any results in my weight and in this overwelming tiredness.

At this moment I feel rested, but by lunch, I’ll be ready to pass out.  It’s hard living life when all you want to do is sleep all day.  It’s especially hard when no one knows how you feel and they expect so much from you…AND when they gripe about their problems and challenges like you don’t have your own.

I just need a break from not making progress on something, anything.