Things to Do In 2010 (started in 2009)

  1. Lose 30 lbs
  2. Clear all clutter from my house
  3. Paint 3 rooms and hallway
  4. Pay off computer #2
  5. Pay off washer and dryer
  6. Create a better budget
  7. Outline my personal and professional networks
  8. Complete a self-study in leadership issues
  9. Identify the direction of my career for the next 5 years
  10. Build solid friendships and reduce ‘associate’ relationships
  11. Buy Sims3!
  12. Buy a t.v. console or entertainment center
  13. Contract landscaper for flowers/flower bed
  14. Complete a self-study on a professional subject
  15. Read one book per month (3 down, 9 to go)
  16. After minus 30 lbs, sign up for one dating site (Not necessary!  Met an amazing man 12/09)
  17. Enjoy a visit with FB2 for what it’s worth, not what it could, should, or might be
  18. Build a 14 day wardrobe
  19. Establish minimum in ING
  20. Pay balance on gas card
  21. Pay off credit card
  22. Establish minimum in bill pay account
  23. Establish minimum in spending account
  24. Emergency cash
  25. Pay into 401k
  26. Set up location in home for mail
  27. Find a new hairstyle
  28. Update make up
  29. Buy basic jewelry (2010 goal)
  30. Attend church service regularly again
  31. Fence in backyard area for pup (2010 goal)
  32. Plant new trees and shrubs (2010 goal)
  33. Install hardwood floors (2011 goal)
  34. Install new fence (2011 goal)
  35. Get schedule/work/life process in order (2010 goal)
  36. Update wardrobe

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