Spring Wardrobe

Not sure what this will become, but I need a way to organize my fashion sense and my wardrobe.

Starting May 19, 2010

  1. Black sheer boatneck top with white floral design, black slacks, white sweater, pearls, black pumps
  2. Brown boyfriend cardigan, brown tank, dark bootcut jeans, brown woven wedge sandals, gold and brown jewelry (longer sweaters are more flattering)
  3. Black and gray dolman sleeve sweater, gray slacks, black open toe pumps, silver beaded long necklace, diamond studs
  4. Black, white, yellow, purple Donna Morgan dress, black heels, chunky necklace, light sweater
  5. Black ruffle tank, black slacks, white cardigan, black open toe pumps, black and white shell necklace
  6. Black and white ruffle top, dark wash jean slacks, pointy toe pumps
  7. Black stud shirt, blue distressed jeans, black platform heel sandals, gold flat sandals, gold hoops, gold bracelet (day/night out)
  8. Army green fitted waist top, dark wash jeans, gold flat sandals, gold large hoops, gold bracelet
  9. Brown boyfriend sweater, brown tank, blue linen pants, brown wedge sandals, gold hoops, wooden necklace, or stone bracelets
  10. Black cardigan, pink/purple shell, gray slacks, black pumps, gray large bead necklace
  11. Gray fitted bottom top, black slacks, black open toe pumps, black/gray/purple long beaded necklace, silver hoops
  12. White cotton camp top, blue linen slacks, brown wedge sandals, brown beaded hoop earrings
  13. Black short sleeve open cardigan, turquoise tank, jeans, gold flats, turquoise earrings
  14. Black and white ruffle shirt, black slacks, black bowtie wedge, silver hoops
  15. Black, tan, white and gray wrap dress, brown wedge sandals, gold hoops, wooden necklace or wooden bracelet
  16. Gray sleeveless, sheer sweater, black slacks, silver filigree earrings, black cut out wedge sandals
  17. Brown, turquoise, cream sundress, brown shrug, brown wedge, gold hoops, wooden bracelet


White cardigan

Light brown cardigan

Dark wash bootcut jeans

Cross-neck cotton sundress, turquoise and brown

Cross-neck cotton sundress, white, peach, brown etc.

Black knit dress with belt (good for a night out)

Brown woven wedge sandals

Black studded top

Dark gray pant suit

Army green/ light gray fitted bottom tops

Brown shrug

Weekend cotton sundresses – black, turquoise

Brown ‘stone’ bracelets

Purple sundress

Black/blue/white maxi dress

Black bow wedge

Brown strappy wedge (2)


Basic black summer dress

Accessories for Black/ White/ Yellow/ Purple Donna Morgan dress



More brown/black flats and midheels


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