Winter Wardrobe

Starting November 2, 2009

  1. Brown cowl neck sweater, brown shimmer bootcut slacks, brown and gold feather bangle, large gold earrings, brown boots
  2. Black open cardigan, white t-shirt, gray slacks, black boots
  3. Black sheer boatneck top with white floral design, black slacks, black boots
  4. Gray argyle sweater, gray slacks, black flats
  5. Purple cowl neck top, black slacks, black boots, silver jewelry, big hoops
  6. Black t-shirt, Gray open cardigan, dark wash Bandolino jeans with pockets, black wedge boots (need inserts), silver accessories
  7. Blue dress, brown print, oatmeal cardigan, nude heels, gold fortune cookie earrings
  8. Black t-shirt, dark wash jeans, tan and dark gray snake print scarf, black ballet shoes
  9. White and black print silk top, black slacks, black pumps
  10. Brown sweater, blue/green/brown tank, brown slacks, brown loafers, blue earrings
  11. Repeat of #5
  12. Gray argyle cardigan with pink and white, black tank, dark jeans, black ballet flats, silver jewelry
  13. Red t-shirt, dark wash jeans, white Pumas, silver initial necklace, silver hoops
  14. Brown tank dress, oatmeal cardigan, brown Tahari sandals, brown and cream bead earrings
  15. Black and white jacket, black slacks, black mock turtleneck, black boots
  16. Red cowl neck sweater, gray slacks, black ‘vintage’ boots, gold hoops
  17. Banana Republic oatmeal cardigan, brown long sleeve t-shirt, brown slacks, brown boots, gold hoop earrings
  18. Gray argyle cardigan with hot pink and white, black shirt, black slacks, black pumps, silver hoops, silver bracelet
  19. Gray sweatsuit, black tank, white pumas, silver accessories
  20. Black silk tunic, dark fitted jeans, black boots, silver hoops and bracelet
  21. Brown corduroy jacket, gold shell, blue jeans, black boots, gold bracelet, gold hoops
  22. Black open cardigan, white tank, jeans, purple suede flats
  23. Black turtleneck, gray open cardigan, dark jeans, black suede wedges
  24. Brown cowlneck sweater (open weave), brown slacks, brown loafers, gold accessories
  25. Purple sweater, black slacks, black boots (need scarf)
  26. Banana Republic oatmeal cardigan, brown long sleeve t-shirt, dark jeans with pockets, brown boots, gold hoop earrings (great for weekends)
  27. Blue studded top, dark blue jeans, black boots, gold hoops
  28. Oatmeal cardigan, white t-shirt, brown slacks, camel and cream scarf, black boots, gold earrings
  29. Black and white print silk top, black cardigan, black slacks, black boots, silver hoops
  30. Repeat of #26
  31. Gray sweater, white shell, dark jeans, black suede wedges
  32. Pink sweater jacket, black turtleneck, gray slacks, black boots, silver jewelry
  33. Red wool jacket, gray turtleneck, gray slacks, black boots, silver jewelry
  34. Gray sweater, black turtleneck, black slacks, black boots, silver jewelry
  35. Red cowl neck sweater, black jeans, black boots, silver jewelry
  36. Gray turtleneck sweater, grays lacks, black boots, large silver hoops, silver bracelet
  37. Red turtleneck, Gray cardigan, gray cuff slacks, black boots, silver jewelry
  38. Gray v-neck sweater, black slacks, black boots, silver jewelry


  1. Reddish orange – cowlneck shell
  2. Blue – v-neck flutter sleeve top with banded bottom, studded neckline
  3. White – short sleeve shirt/t
  4. Gray- tank, animal print embossed
  5. Blue, hints of tan, green – empire waist shell top
  6. Black sheer boatneck top with white floral design
  7. Brown – long sleeve  shell
  8. Plum purple – turtleneck
  9. Grape purple – turtleneck
  10. White – long sleeve shell


  1. Gray – cardigan, short sleeve
  2. Brown – cardigan, short sleeve
  3. Brown – Banana Republic wool cardigan sweater
  4. Brown – Talbots cardigan
  5. Black – knit open cardigan
  6. Gray – knit open cardigan
  7. Gray, Pink, White – argyle cardigan
  8. Brown – cowlneck sweater
  9. Purple – cowlneck sweater
  10. Black – turtleneck
  11. Camel – v-neck, long sleeve shell
  12. Oatmeal – cowl neck, dolman sleeve
  13. Gray – open cardigan
  14. Gray – wool, turtleneck sweater
  15. Gray cardigan with rosettes (perfect with a black tank dress)


  1. Black wash- Bandolino Bootcut Jeans
  2. Gray – Gap slacks
  3. Dark wash – Bandolino slimfit jeans
  4. Jeans – wide leg jean slacks


  1. Black strapless dress, black belt (great with shell, knee boots)
  2. Black and white animal print wrap dress


  1. Blue jean – light jacket
  2. Brown – corduroy jacket
  3. Brown – crop trench jacket
  4. Red – wool jacket


  1. Cream/gray – snakeskin print scarf with shimmer
  2. Tan/orange/silver thread – animal print scarf
  3. Brown – Franco Sarto Laguna Beach patent tote
  4. Black – Nine West Eva hobo bag
  5. Eggplant Purple- Pashmina scarf
  6. Eggplant Purple – gloves


  1. Brown – Jessica Simpson Dafe suede wedge buckle shoe (casual)
  2. Brown – suede wedge boots
  3. Black – Franco Sarto ankle boots (dress/casual)
  4. Black – leather ballet slippers
  5. Black – low heel pumps
  6. Purple – suede flats
  7. Black – suede wedges


  1. Black – coat
  2. Brown – coat
  3. Black – quilted jacket
  4. Gray – Kenneth Cole pea coat
  5. Black – Trench coat, light
  6. Black – Trench coat, heavy


  1. Gray – fashion sweatsuit, black/pink detail


  1. Silver – turquoise and silver chandelier earrings
  2. Silver – initial circle pendant
  3. Silver – antique diamond pendant
  4. Brown – wood stretch bracelet
  5. Blue cabochon earrings, small
  6. Silver – thin bracelet


  • Black wedge flats
  • Jeans slacks
  • Quality t-shirts, white, black, etc.
  • White shirt
  • More shirts
  • Slacks


  • Marshalls
  • Nordstrom (Galleria, shoes/makeup)
  • Catos (shirts/jeans/sweatsuits)
  • Ross
  • Anthropologie (unique tops, jewelry)

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